Why Rock and Roll Bands Love Social Media

The entire world loves social media. Virtually every person has used it and most people use it on a daily basis. Social media gives people the opportunity to connect with friends and family immediately, share photos of their life in an instant from their digital cameras and smart phones, and it also allows people to market products or support causes that they have a fondness for. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that rock and roll bands also love social media.

Social Media Madness

Most rock and roll bands today have fan pages. People can visit their social media page via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites to find out about upcoming concerts and information about their favorite band. The fans can tell a rock band how much they are loved, how their newest song is the greatest thing ever, and more.


The band also gains from this constant feedback from their fans. They get a hidden window into how their fans feel about them and what appeals more to their fans in regards to happy songs, sad songs, slow ballads, or fast upbeat music. However, it does not stop there.

The Rock and Roll Flair

Social media also allows these bands to express themselves to their fans. It allows them to post pictures of themselves, a picture of the area where they are located, and even see pictures that their fans have of them. They can also use it to speak directly to their fans as a group.

They may show excitement over an upcoming concert in a specific area or a tour that will take them overseas to another country. For example if the band is traveling to Japan, they may consider usingĀ kawaii Japanese emoticons in their social media updates. These cute kawaii emoticons shows a special connection with the Japanese culture. They may post jokes or quotes that the group likes saying or talk about a wide variety of topics that will bring them closer to the fans that support them. With social media content, they also have the ability to show their fans some love and even more emotion by using the emoticons that make text more impressive and enjoyable.

Make Your Statement

Social media is not just about big time rock and roll bands. Even bar bands who are trying to make a name for themselves can use it and use emoticons to show how happy they are that even though they are a small band now, people in other countries are enjoying their music. Whether you and your fans all speak the same language or not, an emoticon that is laughing or crying, being silly, and even feeling sleepy is a universal language that cannot be misinterpreted.

When you are trying to build a fan base for a rock and roll band, your fans come first. Communication is the key and therefore an invaluable tool for you to take advantage of. If they write something to you that you cannot read, send a smiley and they will feel important. If you are traveling to their area, speak with an emoticon that depicts travel and a joyful one. Your meaning will not pass them by. Through social media, photos, and emoticons, nothing will stand in your way of making a connection.